shel munro

websites, photos, dogs

In the past three decades, I have nurtured a family, cared for more than 20 dogs, observed the development of over a dozen litters of Newfoundland puppies and witnessed the breed thrive in both health and form.

My technical background began in the early days of the Internet, developing elegant websites for clients, and ensuring simplicity and ease in function. Photography is my artistic outlet, and compliments the websites I create and publish.



less is more – uncluttered & intuitive design

Websites should be easy to use. The details presented should not be obscured by clutter or require effort to find or follow. An elegant design will ensure simplicity and ease in function. The old adage, less is more, holds true when delivering an uncluttered and intuitive user interface.


hannibal newfs

newfoundland dogs

Established in 1977, Hannibal Newfs is dedicated to maintaining the sweet disposition that is the hallmark of the Newfoundland Dog. Producing sound, long living dogs, free of major genetic faults, that are capable of performing the traditional work of the breed as draft dogs, water rescue dogs and as companions and protectors of children.